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Futurama 3 Leeds Queens Hall
7 Ė 8/9/83 Roar Fanzine No 10 10/83

The Comsat Angels started off sounding really good, but then seemed to lose something in the middle.  They got a good reception probably cause it was late and everyone was pissed and bored.  They even did an encore...

Record Mirror 15/10/83

Strictly speaking, The Comsat Angels, not unlike some other bands, particularly on Saturday, didnít really belong to Futurama (that space was left for bands like Action Pact, Death Cult and Killing Joke to fill).  However, that cannot be allowed to detract from one of the best performances of the whole festival.  The Comsatís may not have a future in Futurama, but they deserve to have a future all the same. They opened with the moody, atmospheric single that got the attention of the audience, almost to the point of hypnotism, with a slow song.  The Comsatís never tried to force their style on the attentive audience, but still succeeded in doing so through the sheer effectiveness of their music. 

The drumming was superb and the vocalist still managed to command attention even though he seemed nervy, spending a lot of time either walking off stage, turning his back on the audience or lighting one of his numerous cigarettes.

The Comsat Angels gained a lot of friends and the only tarnish of an otherwise sparkling set was the ungainly length of some songs.  Apart from the aforementioned single, Total War & Independence Day won my vote as the highlights.  Anyway they must have been popular as the stage manager allowed them the rarity of an encore.  Still, if he hadnít some people may have been tempted to throw cans (as if they would!).


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