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My Minds Eye
In Sheffield, in late '78, as the fallout from punk settled, The Comsat Angels formed. Indie inroads lead to a deal with Polydor, and in 1980 the band released the first of three critically acclaimed and commercially credible albums for the label. Outrageous misfortune conspired to waylay them, culminating in a bitterly disappointing American launch in 1990, and the band drifted back to square one. My Mind's Eye, while every bit the equal of 1986's magnificent Chasing Shadows, is understandably the sound of a band with nothing to prove, much less lose, unafraid to revive the simpler approach of their earliest work, but with a bite worthy of their maturity and experience. Flying on wings of phased pseudo-psychedelic guitars, the songs present a dark, soft-centred rock vision completed by Stephen Fellows penetrating baritone, making Driving, Shiva Descending, the title track and the rest intoxicating listening.

Jeremy Clarke Q Magazine

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