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Where Are They Now? Q May 1992
After a classic debut single, Independence Day, and three acclaimed albums for Polydor (Waiting For A Miracle, Sleep No More and Fiction), they released two more LPs for Jive Records (Land and 7 Day Weekend) but with little success. Signed to Island, they wangled money to set up their own studio, where they recorded Chasing Shadows. Hassled in America by the Communications Satellite Inc, who prevented them from using their name, they changed it to Dream Command, but the following album, Fire On The Moon, wasn't even released in the UK. What happened next? enquires Graham Varney of Hull.

Steve Fellows (vocals/guitar): Looks back to the name change as "a good idea at the time but we all make mistakes. Fire On The Moon was very commercial, but we're crap at being commercial." With the band on hold, Fellows got an SOS call from Robert Palmer "who'd run out of steam with lyrics. I half edited some ideas and suggested a couple of changes in melodies; he was very generous with crediting me."

Has since pursued local projects, co-producing The Eye Dance and playing guitar on The Harbour Kings' new LP. The Comsat's have kept going - hence a new album, "which is a killer. We're better at working in squirts than in a production line way." Currently securing a deal. "After all this time, without having any big hits, you wonder if you're doing the wrong thing with your life. But if it's the last one, its a good way to go out."

Andy Peake (keyboards): Has stuck it out with the Comsat's, and feels the band have written" some of our best stuff for ages. We just need a deal.". Admits to missing playing live, as their last show was 18 months back and the last tour five years ago: "It gets frustrating being a band on paper."

Kevin Bacon (bass): After years dabbling, has shifted toward studio work. Has just finished co-producing the debut album for local singer Ephraim Lewis - "You'll be hearing a lot about him. He's a big priority at Elektra this year." Admits he wasn't feeling positive about the Comsat's last year, "but having taken a six month sabbatical, I feel good. I wouldn't carry on if I didn't think the new stuff was any good."

Comsats pictured in Q
Mik Glaisher (drums): Left the Comsat's three months ago:
"Things weren't as good as they used to be, there wasn't the same consolidated focus any more. In times of adversity, the group's spirit made it worthwhile, but even that was missing. The new album's our best for ages but it's a bit late now "
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